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CM Training Academy

CM Training Academy was officially established in 2019. Clinica Medical directors’ passion for continued professional development and education were the leading causes to CMTA. Our training programs are fully comprehensive and are tailored to meet the needs of our delegates. We ensure that engagement is high, knowledge is shared, and support is always available; equipping you with the techniques and knowledge you require. You can draw upon as and when you need to. Everything you learn will be immediately applicable to both the clinical and commercial elements of your Business. CM Training Academy is backed up by a clinic, with over 10 years’ experience offering training, support and mentoring. Our ethos is “train to completion”, so that clinicians who are performing treatment are performing to the best current standards and guidelines, enabling them to unlock their potential and provide the best care to their patients.
“Train people for the role they are taking, the role they are in and the role they want.”

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